Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Show Must Go On

As I venture closer to the end of my final semester as a student, it occurs to me that after years of working close to or full-time coupled with attending college full-time not to mention extra-curriculur activites such as Beta Gamma Sigma and UNLV AMA, after December, I will have an inordinate amount of time on my hands.

Every summer since I was six years old I have looked forward with excitement and fervor to the new school year, new teachers, new classes, new things to learn. As August slowly faded, I grew bored and impatient, throwing away the lazy days to pour over class supply and reading lists.

But now, I can't help to think "Will I still grow bored after entering my career field entirely?"

I cannot imagine I will, I believe I will simply turn the time spent into more research time, and possibly theater time! The trepidation is still there, taunting me, will I, won't I, be filled with ennui?

No! I will not. I will find new passions, new friends, and new excitement to fill my days. I have already begun by returning to my dance and theater roots with Slave of the Muse. Just this past weekend at the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire in Las Vegas, Nevada we performed for all of the guilds with a presentation of Lord Dei Mortus, Queen Dei Mortus, and Lord of Purgatory. See the pictures on Facebook.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School

I have some personal news to share. I got married on July 9, 2010 and this is my last semester.

My new marriage is wonderful, a new adventure if you will. He is someone that I can discuss my work with and get very interesting feedback. His perspective on marketing and advertising is refreshing. Unlike the old adage that things don't sell themselves, he approaches all purchases with research and technical specifications. I have seen that most who work in marketing or advertising do not like to feel that they are affected by it in their personal lives, but he includes the marketing efforts in his evaluation of the product. He is a new breed of consumer and allows me to explore new facets of the marketing and advertising industry. What do consumers actually think about us, as an industry? Do they understand the difference between the complete marketing mix and advertising? All of these questions and more, we discuss with fervor, in addition to our love of politics and sciences.

As for my last semester, I feel accomplished, excited, nervous. I will finally be in the real world as it were.  It took me five and a half years, but it was worth it. The knowledge learned, the experience gained, the little piece of paper I will have in my hand.  I will not be walking. Everybody has been asking me why. It is because I am not done with school. I have fulfilled my original goal of a Bachelor's, however I have also decided that I will go for my Master's Degree, probably in Integrated Marketing Communications or in Web Development/IT. In addition, I wish to obtain my doctorate in Marketing Research. I have so many questions that are not answered by current studies, there addition of new consumers types to the mix, and also it would allow me to study for the rest of my career, to continue learning, to continue my growth and understanding of people and the world around me.

There is always so much to learn, read, and experience. Another adventure always awaits my eager curiousity.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Innovation and Networking

So I have been watching TED talks recently and stumbled across one by Jesse Schell titled "When games invade real life".

As a millennial this speaks directly to me. Yes, let's turn our school grading systems into games with experience points, levels, and achievements. Let's integrate all of our shopping, nutrition, and media experiences.

This has been especially relevant within the realm of online television. Hulu asks me if the advertisement they are showing is relevant to me, and I respond with enthusiasm. I find that I do watch the advertisements that relate to my daily purchasing decisions while I use StumbleUpon during those that are not.

If only I could integrate this mass customization into all the advertising media I see and all the campaigns my company uses. I would much rather get 100 web impressions of people who find the campaign relevant than 1,000 web impressions of people in the general demographic.

This could be used in several important ways. Within the casino industry, gaming is everything. Allowing our customers and guests to take the experience with them, whether it is in a mobile application or in combination with their rewards program and a social media outlet, will enhance the experience and let them know we don't just care about them when they are gambling or staying at our hotel. Rather we appreciate them and want our brand to be incorporated into their enjoyment of everyday life.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Welcome, one and all to my blog! My name is Tiffiny Wilson and I am a marketing intern. Here you will find my comments on my work, my life, and marketing in general. I am not writing this for you. I am writing this as an outlet for my work, my life, and marketing in general.

Let me introduce myself a little more. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and attend none other than the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I hope to be graduating in December, and I am getting married in July. I am in the process of either retaining or losing my home, as I had a bit of financial trouble over the past year, like everyone else.

I used to dance. Ballet, jazz, modern. And I hate not doing it now. I am passionate for dance and theater and plan on performing again soon.

Please feel free to leave comments or don't.